How to Install Design and Buy Your Neon Sign


Are you looking for custom neon signs? This content is for you! You can easily design your custom design, which is the perfect option for customers. With custom designs, you can easily decorate your room, office, or any special event according to your desire.

Here you’ll get all the information you need about how to design&buy your own neon sign. You can easily get any kind of design for any festival, special event, or start-up business. Neon sign light plays an important role in your interior design.

After obtaining complete information, you can easily design and buy your neon sign. There are different prices for different designs with high-quality results.

Make a Luminescent Expression with the Best LED Custom Neon Signs

To bring some happiness into your life events, just order a customized neon sign light designed by creative minds. These lights are energy savers, which is very important for you. Behind these neon sign lights, there are strong materials, qualities, manufacturing, creativity, and a deep knowledge involved. Neon sign lights are made with PVC pipes instead of glass, because of this, they are long-lasting.

Options in LED Neon Signs Customization

Your customized neon sign light makes every event gorgeous and gives you an awesome feeling while celebrating. These neon lights are playing a vital role in your events like your wedding, birthday party, business party, or any festival that is very important to you.

While designing your custom neon sign design, you can easily select your font style, size, color, and light color. You must select a color that is completely relevant to your event. If you have no idea which neon is best, don’t worry about it; here you will get all the information.

What Will You Get with Customized Neon Signs

After designing a complete neon sign, many platforms offer a complete package in which you will get a switch, power cord, dimmer (which is optional), adapter, power outlet, remote (which is also optional), screws, and a hanging wire.

How To Install Customized Neon Sign Light

There are three options for you after getting your design.

  • Attach it to a wall.
  • Suspend it from the top.
  • Utilize 3M stripes.

Inserting screws

There will be the proper set of screws in your box for your sign. You can hang the sign on the wall easily as a result.

Sling-based suspension

You might also hang your sign from the ceiling. Simply inform us, and we’ll which was before support per your requirement and offer you a keychain.

3M Strips

Please take notice of the surfaces that the 3M Strips adhere to and do not adhere to before we walk you through the process step by step:

Here’s how to install your gorgeous new neon now that you know where it will be located:

  1. Split the strips apart. One of the white liners should be taken out and applied to the sign’s backing.
  2. A second strip should be pressed on top of the first until they both click. Use all the bands in this operation once more.
  3. For 30 seconds, firmly press the sign against the wall on all sides. Then start it on fire!


Hope you’ve got all the information related to custom neon sign designs. Above the article, there is a complete procedure for how to install neon lights with three different options. Thank you for reading this helpful content. Keep in touch with us for more interesting information related to different products.

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