Why LED Neon Rope Lights Are Replacing Traditional Glass Neon?


The glass bulbs or tubes filled with compressed neon or other gases with the metal electrodes on both ends are called neon lights. LED neon lights are the advanced approach to lightning in which the neon effects are produced through LED semiconductors.

A LED neon rope light is an excellent replacement for traditional glass neon as these lights are energy-efficient, easy to install, and flexible. In this article, we will briefly explain;

  1. Difference between traditional and LED neon lights
  2. Why LED neon rope lights have a bright future?
  3. Applications of LED neon rope lights

Difference Between Traditional And LED Neon Lights

As mentioned above, neon lights use compressed gasses to produce light, while light-emitting electrodes are used for light production in LED lights.

LED technology is popular because of its cost-effectiveness, eco-friendly nature, and excellent quality. Other than these reasons, there are a lot more differences between both.

1. Energy Consumption

Neon lights are primarily used commercially and use a high amount of energy. However, the LED technology is specially designed for energy conservation. The LED neon rope lights consume almost 1 watt/ hour, while the traditional neon uses 15 times more energy.

2. Installation

LED neon rope lights are made from bendable and flexible materials like PVC. These lights are used anywhere without damage.

However, the traditional neon lights are made from glass that is sensitive to breakage. That’s why these lights are difficult to install.

3. Brightness

LED neon rope lights are much brighter than the traditional neon. These lights use a high density of lumens/meters, which enhances light intensity.

Due to the increased brightness of LEDs, these lights can be seen from a large distance which is impossible with traditional neon lights.

4. Maintenance

LED neon rope lights did not require any maintenance. However, the traditional neon needs timely maintenance as its gas gets used over time and needs refilling.

5. Life Span

LED neon rope lights can last for years without losing functionality and performance. The reason is that these lights consume very low energy, which makes them burnt resistant.

On the other hand, traditional neon lights have a short lifespan because of their gas consumption.

Why LED Neon Rope Lights Have A Bright Future?

Any product that demands less maintenance and provides long-term use is user-friendly. According to a professional standpoint, LED neon lights have a great future ahead because of;

  • Eco-friendly nature; no harmful gases used in LED lights
  • Provide a magical illustration and appealing effects
  • Highly durable, prone to damage and harsh environmental conditions
  • Provide a wide range of brightness
  • Easy to customize because of their flexible nature
  • Huge color variations from single color led neon rope (light)┬áto multiple colors

Applications Of LED Neon Rope Lights

LED neon rope lights are used in;

  • Exterior and interior designing
  • Restaurants, nightclubs, bars
  • To highlight the signboards
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Commercial buildings


LED neon rope lights are rising in popularity and quickly replacing the traditional neon lights in many applications. Regardless of all the outstanding features of LED neon, there are applications where these lights cannot replace the traditional version.

So, before replacing your lights with LED, consider all the project requirements and ask for professional advice.

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