A Look at the Different Types of LED Panel Lights


Many discerning buyers are currently turning towards the LED panel lights with the need to illuminate their spaces. LED panel lights are designed and made with low-weight aluminum diffusers, as discussed in the first blog posts. These lights are also elegant when it comes to lighting larger and smaller areas alike. A light-emitting diode does not need an obstructive installation or a lot of energy to turn on. For that reason, these lights have amassed many users’ attention for creating stylish lighting in the interior.

Types of LED Panel Lights

Depending on the needs you have, there are different types of LED panels from which you can select. In the most primary and basic installations, the LED panels are generally used in lighting with just a bit of adjustability.

But the chips found in the lighting panels can quickly produce limitless varieties of various lights coupled with LED panels.

Here are the major types of LED panel lights.

Square panels- most LED panels are square. Others are rectangular. The dimensions vary from 300*300 to 300*1200. You can always choose to select one of the sizes based on the type of fluorescent installation you are replacing is.

Round panels – then there are round LED panel lights, which are usually installed in a rather suspended setup. It is a prominent choice and selection of lighting since it provides its users with low-profile installation coupled with attractive and bright light.

The panels come in a variety of diameters, usually depending on the demands you have.

Colour changing panels – Besides general lighting at home and in offices, LED panels may be useful in creative lighting options, which can easily be changed using a remote control. These lights can be installed in ceilings to change lighting or better yet mounted on a wall where these same panels become an attraction.  

Backlit panels- as their name suggests, these ones work with the light sources found at the back of the lighting panels, which work for slightly deeper troffer types of lighting installation. Backlit panels project light from the front.

Temperature adjustable panels- these panels provide a substantial or full spectrum of light. You can adjust them from a warm incandescent style to a cooler fluorescent style of lighting using a remote control.

In other cases, the lights might be dimmed up or down depending on your lighting needs.

Edge-lit panels – with edge-lit panels, the source of light is mounted around the panel. So the light will enter into the device and shine from the surface.

These panels are also ideally designed for the drop-in ceiling panels, making them a prominent selection of the LED type of panel.

Final Thoughts

There are a variety of LED panel lights to choose from in the industry. In multiple installations, you will need to consider the emergency need associated with a particular investment. In case of power failure, then the emergency LED panels should be capable of providing some light in rather defined areas like as escape routes for about three hours.

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