Demystifying LED Lights and Their Uses


LED is the abbreviation form of light-emitting diodes. Diodes have two electric contacts and make it possible for current to flow through them but only in one direction. Thus it is a semiconductor light source that will emit light when there is a flow of current. Quantum of light is released when the free particles having a negative charge combines with hole electrons to form photons. The quantity of this light relies on the amount of work done to cross the solid energy level, which in turn gives the color of the light.

Uses of LED lights

The common use of led lights is to light objects and places. LED parking lot lights application┬áis among the many uses for LED lights. It’s applicable almost everywhere due to its small size, long lifespan, low consumption of energy, and the fact that it can be used in various applications.

LEDs used for TV backlighting

Televisions using light-emitting diodes are LCD televisions, thus given the name LED televisions.

Therefore, the LEDs are used in display backlight, replacing the outdated fluorescent lights present in common screens. This light source conserves energy more and way smaller than CCFL, resulting in a thinner television screen for the images to be created on the screen, relying on the led backlight.

Used for smartphone backlighting

Using the led, the backlight design of the backlight can be thinner and made at a low cost. The low power LEDs are used in backlighting liquid crystal display panels and keyboards. Technology had also made it possible to deliver higher brightness for illumination purposes as with torch when multiple led are connected.

Used in LED displays

These displays are common and used as storage signs, road signs, billboards, shop indicators, etc…. They qualify to be installed outdoors because of their brightness.

They are used in Automotive.

The automotive industry comprises a wide range of organizations and companies involved in making motor vehicles and most components such as engines and bodies. With led lights, it makes it easier through easy visibility and saving of energy. They are normally installed in the rear and back for easier accessibility. This is also useful to pedestrians and other road users since it improves their safety as it enhances visibility.

LEDs used in the dimming of lights

This is mainly done to reduce energy consumption. The dimming property is also used in appliances where it of two ways.

Global dimming is where the LCD has a grid of LEDs at the back of the screen. However, the LEDs cannot be dimmed individually; thus, the entire screen gets brighter or darker according to the images.

Local dimming- unlike in global dimming, the LEDs are dimmed together.

Used as medical devices

This light I used in medical institutions for certain medical uses, and it is called phototherapy. It is used to destroy propionibacterium acnes, the bacteria responsible for acne, and the LED blue light. It has also been shown to accelerate wound healing.

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