Why Retrofit the Stadium Lighting with LED Lights?


HID lights and other traditional light sources have contributed to the pollution and global warming because of the chemicals used in producing these lights. Harmful chemicals like lead, mercury, and others are the primary contents. Also, the UV radiation it produces is quite alarming. These things are harmful to those who are present in the stadiums.

But with LED stadium lights, the risks are reduced and are much safer. LED is the complete opposite of the HID and other traditional lightings. Find out in this post why LED is the best sports lighting solutions – Huadian has considered. Huadian is a lighting company known worldwide for its quality products.

Energy Efficient

As compared to other lighting technologies LED lights are very efficient. The amount of power generated per fixture has a huge difference than others. If you are using a 1500-watt metal halide stadium light and you will replace it with an LED stadium light, you only need a 500-watt LED. Thus, saving 1000-watts in every light.

Only one-third of the power is being used as compared to using metal halide light. If you think about how much you can save if you use LED lights in the stadium, you would not think twice about replacing your old lightings. Replacing 40 fixtures is equal to 40,000 watts of power saved.

Installing brand-new lights for the entire stadium is quite a costly project. To be able to recover from the expenses, you need to benefit from it. For LED being energy efficient is a benefit that will recoup your costly replacement.

Longer Lifespan with Less Maintenance

LED lights have a longer lifespan as compared to older types of lighting. Many are rated for over 100,000 hours. Using the lights 6 hours every night and 7 nights a week can last up to 45 years. With this time frame, a metal halide bulb can be replaced eight or more times. Halide bulbs can be replaced every two to three years. Some could last up to 10 years but seldom you will see one. The replacement of a halide bulb also depends on the ballast.

Maintaining the LED is less complicated as compared to the traditional bulbs. It is a fact that all items may encounter problems particularly the ones used in the field with lots of factors affecting them. With that being said, the LED fixture does not require complicated maintenance or frequent replacement as compared to other lights.

Integrated Power Supply

LED fixtures do not require a ballast to boost the usage of energy, making these lights energy efficient. As compared to HID stadium light, the LED stadium lights are compact and lightweight.

Reduces Light Pollution

LED lights reduce light pollution. The main focus of LED lights is to provide coverage where you need it, with less spillover within the surrounding areas. Some stadiums are located in a neighbourhood with residential homes around. Having late-night games will not shine out into the windows of the nearby houses, thus no residents will be disturbed.

Some benefits of using LED stadium lights were not mentioned here. The above benefits are enough to convince stadium owners to make the replacement now.

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