Here Are Your Up To Date Lighting Products


Today the world is advancing in technology and everyday people are making their life easier. The lighting companies such as have been in the frontline to ensure that you receive the most updated and best-serving lighting systems in your home, industries, estates and streets. Your security has also been secured in the process, you can walk all night along the streets having the confidence you are safe. You would like to know some of the most reliable pox lighting products that are very necessary for you? Look no further here is what you need.

Solar led street lights.

These are commercial-led street lights that you can install in your estate to ensure the safety of your tenants, your industry and so on. These street lights are composed of great features that will make your estate look secure and attractive due to the following features.

  • Led feature. This will make your compound look smart and attractive. Led is power-saving compared to the old HPS model. It will improve your security too as led senses movements very fast without having to warm up. When it detects movement, it will increase lighting tremendously.
  • Lithium-ion battery. These are very affordable batteries that will serve you for a very long period. At the same time, they are easy to use and move around. They can easily be compatible with solar poles.

Those are some but a few features that you are likely to find in our PBOX lighting integrated solar street light. However due to changing technology daily. There has been a progression of series of street lights that you may wish to choose from according to your need. They include the following.

X4 series

It is frameless, the solar panels are found in the double sides and it thus converts a lot of solar energy to electricity. Efficient LED modules, intelligent battery management, the solar panel are adjustable and can be directed towards the light intensity areas.

X4S Series

It is an all-in-one frameless solar street light. It is available in a split version, you have the variety to choose from according to your needs. The LED module is efficient and luminous. It reduces the accumulation of dirt among other components.

X5 Series

Small medium-powered street light. High efficient and luminous LED module, High sensitive PIR movement sensor.

X5 Plus Series

It is a High conversion solar panel, having high powered luminous LED module among other components.

SX5 Dual

The most outstanding about this solar panel is its dual capacity. This gives it a high power conversion capacity compared to other series. It is very easy to install and maintain.

Solar Home Systems.

You want to make your home the best secure place to be, you have got to consider installing a solar home lighting system. It is very affordable and easy to maintain. It also makes your home attractive with the glow of the LED module fixture.

Solar home system series.

P6 Series

This is available in a bundle form of light and practical appliances. Some of these include, Solar panels, charging the battery pack, led lamps and multi- prolonged mobile phone charging cables.

P7 Series

It is a collection comprising 110-360W solar panels, 384-1536Wh battery capacity. Through these, you will be able to charge your home appliances such as mobile phones, computers and so on. These are some of the amazing factors you are likely to find in this series among others.

Make a choice today and give your environment lively, smart, secure and attractive with Pbox

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