Where Can You Get The Best Chandeliers?


There are many factors and aspects to consider when buying a chandelier: its size, positioning, and everything that matters. However, you might end up overlooking one crucial aspect. That is the dealer or manufacturer. In simple words, the place you buy the chandelier from.

Before you buy it from the best chandelier shop like www.cristallighting.com, it is pivotal for you to understand something – How can you find the best shop? What does it take for you to land authentic, credible, or reliable services and quality chandeliers? Here are some of the qualities to look for:

The Chandelier Catalogue

Many people think that having one or two types of chandeliers in a shop makes it easier for you to choose. No, it limits your options. More importantly, the shop might be great in just those types. However, if you can have a diverse chandelier catalog like art glass chandeliers, baccarat chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, and many more, it is better.

It shows that the shop has expertise in various fields of a chandelier. Thus, you can browse through and select the best option available. The more options you have, the better. After all, there might be a specific style you have in mind.

Different Size Options

By default, chandeliers are large. You need to look for a dealer that can provide you different sizes. There are mini to oversized chandeliers available in the market. Very few shops or dealers will offer you these options.

If you know about chandeliers, you would know that the size of the chandelier matters the most. It determines whether it will be overwhelming, unnoticed, or just right. The best chandelier shop will always have to select the correct size.

Freedom Of Customization

There’s no reason that you should stick to the traditional designs or whatever the shop is offering. Some of the best chandelier shops in the world offer customization services. These allow you to choose the type of crystal, like k9 or Egyptian, that goes on the chandelier. You can even select the type of bulb you might want on it and even the finish you’re looking for.

The finish is the frame of the chandelier and its color. The best shop will offer various options like bronze, chrome, gold, black, wooden, etc. After all, they are offering customer-centric services. Therefore, they will have customization options.

Warranties And Certifications

A chandelier can be a costly investment, and you are looking for at least a couple of years to a decade of use for it. Therefore, a warranty becomes crucial. Don’t fall for the ones that provide 100% satisfaction within 30 to 60 days or a full refund. They might be good, but the best chandelier shop will offer you a warranty. A warranty of at least five years is essential for chandeliers.

Correlatively, meeting standards for electrical certifications like CE, SAA, VDE, etc., becomes paramount for the shop and its chandeliers.


Don’t buy your chandeliers just from anywhere. As long as you consider these points, you’re bound to get the best chandelier shop that will provide quality and resilience.

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